Duties of the Officers and Standing Committee Chairs

Duties of the Officers

Section 1 President
Section 2 President Elect
Section 3 Vice President
Section 4 Immediate Past President
Section 5 Treasurer
Section 6 Secretary
Section 7 Director at Large
Section 8 Student Representative

Duties of the Standing Committee Chairs

The most important responsibility of the chair is to act on the charges assigned to the committee by the President and/or Board of Directors. Each committee chair is responsible for developing, recommending, and implementing organizational plans and a budget for their respective committee. Another part of the chair's responsibility is determining the committee's meeting schedule for the year. The chair of each committee should always be well informed of all committee activities. This will aid in the preparation of a final report of the year's activities, which will include final budget estimates and recommendations for the following year. Committee chairs should coordinate with the Board of Directors and other committee chairs as needed.

Section 1 Chair of Continuing Medical Education Committee
Section 2 Chair of the Membership Committee
Section 3 Chair of the Newsletter Committee (Newsletter Editor)
Section 4 Chair of the Legislative and Government Affairs Committee
Section 5 Chair of the Reimbursement Committee
Section 6 Chair of the Public Education Committee
Section 7 Chair of the Corporate Relations Committee
Section 8 Chair of the Professional Wellness Committee (Impairment)
Section 9 Chair of the Scholarship Committee
Section 10 Chair of the Elections Committee
Section 11 Executive Secretary
Section 12 PA Program Liaison